Plan well. Live more.

Wherever you go.
Learn how

Your life takes you places.

PFP understands your unique challenges dealing with finances in the US and abroad.

Let me help you keep your finances organized but flexible, and anchored to places your heart calls home.


  • Always consider your situation within and outside of the US
  • 100% virtual service through video conferencing and cloud-based portal
  • Flexible meeting time and unlimited e-mail support
As seen in

PFP acts as your GPS

to define destinations, calculate directions, and navigate through unknown conditions.

What’s covered

  • Manage fluctuating cash flow and multiple currencies
  • Remain tax compliant in the US and other jurisdictions
  • Keep your investments efficient and flexible
  • Cover your unique risks
  • Coordinate your income, expenses, benefits and taxes from various countries
  • Operate your business location-independently

The approach

  • Show you the big picture and give you step-by-step instructions to take action
  • Explain options and help you pick the right one for you
  • Maintain long-term relationship so you can come to me whenever life changes
  • Collaborate with advisers in dedicated fields and other countries to coordinate comprehensive planning

Partnership program costs $249 / month. That’s it.


No upfront fee. No asset or income minimum. PFP doesn’t receive any commission from other third parties.

I help you make decisions about your life and money like mine are on the line.

Minimum 12 month commitment.

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