Power Consultation Session

Power Consultation Sessions are single financial consultation meetings for a one-time check up or to discuss specific personal finance concerns. It’s structured so that all the discussions and recommendations happen during the meeting, like going into a doctor’s office to treat a specific ailment or to receive health evaluation. No pre-meeting or post-meeting support is provided.

The cost is $549 per one session. A session may last up to two hours. At the end of the session, you will have completed a one page summary of what we discussed during the meeting to help you take future actions.

Power Consultation Session Agreement

This service may be suitable for people with one of the following needs, but do not want the support and accountability that comes with working with a financial planner on an ongoing basis:

  • Employer 401(k) or benefit plans review
  • Portfolio review and guidance on drafting investment policy for self-implementation
  • One-time check up to evaluate the need or area of focus for further financial planning
  • Preliminary financial impact analysis to aid making life decisions, such as buying a house, moving, changing career, or starting a business
  • Creating budget, saving plan, or debt reduction plan
  • Identifying life goals and creating financial plan on your own with some professional input

Please note that due to the time constraint of the session, if you have more than two of the needs described above, you may want to consider joining the Pavlov Planning Partnership Program to take advantage of a more comprehensive planning process, or be prepared to engage us with more than one consultation session to answer more of your questions.

We offer a no-obligation, free-of-charge introductory meeting so we can discover together which service model is appropriate for your needs.

We provide personal financial planning and consultation services that lead individuals and their families to take control over their financial matters. This control contributes to a less stressful and more prosperous living.

Our straightforward advice empowers clients to achieve the following:

Security – Know where you are and where you are going. Be confident that you are on a sustainable and achievable path.

Freedom – You will have more time to do what matters most and what you really want, instead of potentially wasting it on ineffective financial actions or illusions.

Prosperity – You will have a more enjoyable life with more discretionary wealth and income to pursue your interests and passions.