Pavlov Planning Partner Program (PPPP)

PPPP is a wealth accumulation program where you receive continuous financial guidance and periodic updates to your initial plan. In this program, you have a reliable financial coach and partner to help you along the way towards more wealth and independence.

The annual membership fee is billed at $249 monthly. We do not receive any third party compensation other than fees from our clients. We also do not discriminate or charge different fees according to your income or asset level; nor do we charge any fee up front.

PPPP Financial Planning Agreement

Through our ongoing financial planning process, you will receive the following service:

  • Comprehensive financial planning that covers:
    – cash flow
    – current financial position
    – debt management
    – retirement
    – education
    – major purchases
    – other life goals
    – income and career strategy
    – high-level tax strategy
    – life and disability insurance needs
    – long-term care needs
    – charitable giving
    – estate issues
    The planning process is ongoing as your life evolves, and produces action steps for you to implement.
  • Monitoring budget, investment performance, and the progress of action step implementation
  • Reviewing employer provided benefits / planning benefits for self-employed
  • Analyzing financial impact of potential life changes or options to help you make decisions
  • Answering or referring to experts your personal finance related questions or needs.

Here’s what the process actually looks like:

Pavlov Financial Planning Process Map

We also offer single consultation sessions without ongoing support. To find out which model is more suitable for your situation, schedule a no-obligation, free-of-charge introductory meeting with us.

We provide personal financial planning and consultation services that lead individuals and their families to take control over their financial matters. This control contributes to a less stressful and more prosperous living.

Our straightforward advice empowers clients to achieve the following:

Security – Know where you are and where you are going. Be confident that you are on a sustainable and achievable path.

Freedom – You will have more time to do what matters most and what you really want, instead of potentially wasting it on ineffective financial actions or illusions.

Prosperity – You will have a more enjoyable life with more discretionary wealth and income to pursue your interests and passions.