Financial Planning for Globetrotters that call the US home (at some point)

Pavlov Financial Planning believes providing smart, strategic financial advice for your complex and ever-changing life is a collaborative, continuous, and evolving process.

Financial planning isn’t a one-time to-do or a static document. Good planning is about building a solid relationship together that help you discover goals, design strategies, and find unique ways to help you make better decisions so you can get the most from your resources.

That’s why we offer the GPS Planning Program.

GPS Planning Program

Get yourself a Financial GPS to find the places you want to go, choose route options to get there, follow step by step directions, and receive real-time alerts to detour as road condition or your plan changes.

See the big picture, understand your options, and feel confident about your decisions.

✓ Deep conversations about your needs, hopes, inspirations, and possibilities to pursue

✓ Review of your current financial situation and system

Build a system for:

✓ What to do with your current asset and debt

✓ Where your future income should go

While taking into account your goals, preferences, taxes, time constraint, ease of administration, and family situation.

Take Actions & Know what you don't know

✓ Remind you until you do it.

✓ Show you how to do it.

✓ Do it with you.

✓ Do it for you if you opt for it.

✓ Coordinate with other professionals.

Proactively look out for ways to improve your odds of success as your life evolves and the world changes.

Take charge of your multi-national financial life

✓ Consider cross-border complexities on top of all of the above.

✓ Lead your “team” of multi-national advisers in all areas that are needed.

Whether you identify as expats, immigrants, globally mobile professional, digital nomad, or have multiple nationalities in the family, we’ve lived the same lives and found solutions so you don’t have to start from scratch.


PFP will assess the complexity of your personal finance situation and assign you to a pricing tier below.


Minimum 12 months commitment.

Your pricing tier is reviewed annually to reflect expected planning complexity in the next 12 months.

*Examples of client scenarios in the pricing table are for illustration purpose only. PFP reserves the right to determine client pricing tier after having deeper conversation to understand the potential complexity.

Have questions? Click above to schedule a free, 30-minute introductory meeting where we’ll chat through your situation and provide you the answers you need to make an informed decision about the best path forward.

Pavlov Financial Planning only receives payment from clients directly. The fees you pay, outlined for you above, are the only fees Pavlov FP receives (there are no commissions or financial incentives from any third parties).

Take a look at our regulatory disclosure brochure if you would like to see more detail information.

Not ready for GPS?

Cross-border advice is seldom available without major financial commitment. However, we understand not everyone is at the right place to commit to having a long-term financial partner. When our schedule allows, we offer consultations on an hourly basis at USD 500 / hour.. Please reach out with your questions through our contact form to check availability in advance.

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