Financial Planning for Globetrotters that call the US home

Pavlov Financial Planning believes providing smart, strategic financial advice for your complex and ever-changing life is a collaborative, continuous, and evolving process.

Financial planning isn’t a one-time to-do or a static document. Good planning is about building a solid relationship together that help you discover goals, design strategies, and find unique ways to help you make better decisions so you can get the most from your resources.

There are a few ways in which we can work together to get you the turn-by-turn guidance you want:



Develop a Financial Roadmap to your desire destinations so you can follow it on your own in your journey.

USD 3,600

Single Engagement

Over 3 months

Suitable for

✓ Resourceful self-starter who just needs a little perspective and some additional knowledge

✓ Diligent saver who wants a comprehensive understanding of how all the pieces fit together

✓ Responsible steward of money who has done a good job, but wants a personalized analysis to make sure everything is on track, and learn what else to do


See the big picture, understand your options, and feel confident about your decisions.

Deep conversations about your needs, hopes, inspirations, and possibilities to pursue

Review of your current financial situation and system

Build a system for:

What to do with your current asset and debt

Where your future income should go

While taking into account your goals, preferences, taxes, time constraint, ease of administration, and family situation.


Get yourself a Financial GPS to find the places you want to go, choose route options to get there, follow step by step directions, and receive real-time alerts to detour as road condition or your plan changes.

USD 265 / month

+ USD 2,000 initial planning fee

12 months minimum

Suitable for

✓ Busy professional who needs extra reminders to get the important things done on time

✓ Newbie to managing high income and investing who wants ongoing education and guidance

✓ Couple ready to develop a system to manage finances effectively together with an objective third party

✓ Indecisive procrastinator who makes faster and better decisions when having a sounding board

Take Actions & Know what you don't know

Everything in MAP Planning Program


Remind you until you do it.

Show you how to do it.

Do it with you.

Coordinate with someone who can do it for you.

Proactively look out for ways to improve your odds of success as your life evolves and the world changes.

GPS with Global Add-On

Local directions are not enough. Get a Financial GPS that works as you navigate to and in different countries!

USD 375 / month

+ USD 2,200 initial planning fee

12 months minimum

*PFP has the sole discretion over whether client situation merits Premium Tier purchase.

Best for

People with ongoing, complex global planning needs, such as:

✓ US citizen who owns assets or receives income outside of the US

✓ Location-independent American business owner

✓ Married couple with different nationalities living in a third country.

✓ Foreign nationals working and accumulating wealth in the US but intending to leave permanently

Take charge of your multi-national financial life

Everything in GPS Planning Program


Extra coordination of your financial affairs across the world.

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Pavlov Financial Planning only receives payment from clients directly. The fees you pay, outlined for you above, are the only fees Pavlov FP receives (there are no commissions or financial incentives from any third parties).

Take a look at our regulatory disclosure brochure if you would like to see more detail information.

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